Sawada park *****
open-air Hot Spring

The wonderful open-air bath with the rough sea and the evening sun


Sawada park open-air bath is probably the most famous open-air bath in Nishi Izu. An undressing hut and open-air baths are only at the top of the cliff. Big waves wash the bottom of the cliff. The bathtub isn't so big. The water is a little hot and pleasant. The bathing with seeing a big wave is wonderful.

There are a little parking lot and a charge hut at the end of the way along Dogashima fishing port. Climb stone steps after you pay a bathing fee in the charge hut.


We tried to come again because we couldn't take a bath last time by the strong wind. It is very windy today, too. But, some cars have already been in the parking lot. The staff of the charge hut said "We decided to open because a direction of the wind changed." It is lucky.

I climb stone steps, and hurry in the undressing place, and take off my clothes. Because it is windy, it is very cold. Two people have already been in. I am soaked in the hot water soon. Water is hot. But, I feel fine because strong wind blows on my face. It can be seen from the fence of the log that big waves dash against the cliff.


Nishina, Nishi-izu-cho, Kamo-gun, Shizuoka-ken


Business hours 6:00 - 20:00
(Jul. - Aug.)
7:00 - 19:00
(Sep. - Jun.)
Closure day Tuesday
Charge 500 yen


Get off Tomei expressway Numazu IC. Proceed through Route 1 and Route 136. Dogashima fishing port is a little in front of Matsuzaki-cho. The hot spring is near there. 75km from Numazu IC. It was about to move from Tohi in Nishi Izu to the south about 20km.
There is a parking lot 20 units.

Visit day : March, 1998

Dogashima fishing port

Dogashima is the good fishing port of Nishi Izu. The store of the fisherman association is in Dogashima fishing port, and the souvenir of the sea products can be bought. Net and floats for the fisherman is sold, too.

Koaji sushi

We go on the way home of Sawada park open-air bath to eat Koaji sushi of the special food in Ukuzu. Koaji sushi is the sushi which cooked fresh Aji (horse mackerel). Anyway it is very delicious. The famous store in Ukuzu was full.

We went into the brand-new sushi shop along the national route.
It is pretty good here, too.
(In a set with the miso soup, 1800 yen)

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