Table of Contents

−I Love Hawaii

・Magic of HULA

HULA−Meet with Hula
・My faborite island:Kauai(1) 
・My faborite island:Kauai(2)
・Uncle George(1) 


KALO−Hawaiian People




For all fan of Hawaii,who love the islands or have interest in Hawaiian Music, HULA,people,ocean,wind,flowers....everything concerning Hawaii. I hope that such people can enjoy this HP.

This HP was named after the title of a Hawaiian song,「Lei No Kaiulani」. Gabby Pahinui,one of my favorite musician, also sings this song.The lyric is about Princess Victoria Kaiulani,who died in the last stage of Hawaiian dynasty under much expectation and love.This song tells us her grace and charm.Though almost 100 years have passed since she died,I don't want to forget Princess Kaiulani.That's why I decided to use this name as the title of this HP.

By a Gaby's CD I began to have interest in Hawaiian music ,then I was fascinated with HULA.Now,I focus on Kaiulani and Kalo.I still have many things to study about Hawaii,so my study continues simultaneous with the improvement of this HP.This is,so to speak,"HULA-NEWS".I wrote mainly about what I feel when I dance HULA,or the memory of Hawaii,as I recall. Since I live in a small city;sendai,I don't think I can give you enough information.I'm waiting for your advice,information,notion,and so on.
(Translater : Hiroko Okabe)

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