The First Day of "Howl's Moving Castle"

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"Howl's Moving Castle" was released on November 20, 2004. Scala-za theater, is one of the most famous movie theater in Tokyo, is adjacent to Toho Co., Ltd. that distributes the Howl, has a lot of people who stay up all night. This time, people who stayed up all night began to queue up on the evening, November 19. Finally, about 30 people stayed up all night though it was raining. People who had stayed up all night for the "Howl" were more greatly fewer than "Chihiro". Cold rain might have kept away people from the procession.

November 19. 14:31 Scala-za theater
Rain is falling there.

14:51 Ticket counter
No procession stays up all night yet.

21:36 Scala-za theater

21:38 About 16 people staying up all night

21:39 Hibiya Cinema

21:39 The note of "First day of today"
has already been put.

21:41 The preparation for the first day at the Scala-za theater.

At the Roppongi Hills, "Howl" was released momentarily having become November 20. It was earlier than the Scala-za theater, the earliest release in Japan there. When people were staying up all night in front of the Scala-za theater, people who went to Roppongi Hills had already appreciated the Howl. The following tendencies were admitted that the conservative anime fan selected the Scala-za theater, but people who can get information quickly, sensitive to the fashion, selected Roppongi Hills. Producer Suzuki came there and made a speech toward the spectator in the whole assembly.

November 19. 23:02 Roppongi Hills

23:04 Posters

23:12 Coverage

23:38 Entrance

24:16 Producer Suzuki is having a press conference.

26:18 Screening has ended.
The procession requests the pamphlet.

26:22 Several people were reporting about Howl
with their cellular phone.

In the Scala-za theater, a lot of people joined a procession simultaneously the arrival of the first train. The length of the procession reached even the next building at 6:30 AM. A lot of report staff also rushed there. The entrance beginning to the theater was 7:40AM. Lots of spectators bought the pamphlet and character goods there.

November 20. 6:06 Scala-za theater

6:08 The arrangement of the procession starts.

6:39 Waiting procession for entrance

6:47 Coverage at head of procession

7:22 Distribution of catalog of commodity

7:30 About 300 people are queuing up.

7:40 Entrance beginning

7:47 In front of the stall

There are 2 movie theaters released "Howl" in the Hibiya district in Tokyo, one is a Scala-za theater, and another is Hibiya Cinema. It is said that the screen of Scala-za theater is beautiful because the Scala-za theater is screened by digital. On the other hand, Hibiya Cinema uses a conventional film. Therefore, a lot of spectators gave priority to seeing in the Scala-za theater. People who had chosen Hibiya Cinema gave priority to the position in a seat that was better than screen's quality.

8:10 Curtain of Howl

8:13 Hibiya Cinema

8:25 Entrance was brgun at Hibiya Cinema.

There were a lot of Anime fans of the spectator who had seen screening first time. In a past Ghibli films, Director Hayao Miyazaki made a speech in screening first time at the first day. Therefore, some spectators were expecting his speech. However, it was not done. As for screening since the second times, the number of people who are not the Anime fans has increased. The road placed between the Scala-za theater and Hibiya Cinema became full by the crowd. The person putting on the stuffed animal demonstrated for the advertisement. The congestion of the movie theater continued all day long.

10:37 Ahead of the Scala-za theater

10:43 Advertising Demonstration

10:44 In front of Scala-za theater

10:45 1st Screening ended.

10:48 Beginning of entrance for 2nd

10:49 Coverage

10:52 Electric bulletin board
It means "Howl is a first day today".

10:54 Crowds

(Some photograph provided by Mr. Pakushi and Mr. Noir)

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