The First Day of "My Neighbors The Yamadas"

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"My Neighbors The Yamadas" was paid attention very much by press. The reason that it is the latest work of studio Ghibli which produced "The Princess Mononoke".
"The Princess Mononoke" became the best movie which enumerated the profits in Japan, 1997. Can "My Neighbors The Yamadas" reproduce it?
These photographs are sceneries to which "My Neighbors The Yamadas" is released at the first day in Tokyo.

Before the first screen 

Stage greeting 

After the first screen 

Before the first screen
 1999/07/17, 6:42-9:35

6:42, In front of the theater.
About 100 people queue up.

6:55, Guide by charge
Later, they moved
in front of the entrance.

8:20, About 200 people queue up.

8:30, Coverage staff

9:10, Entrance beginning

9:15, Tunnel in coverage formation

9:25, At a stall

9:30, Coverage formation in the hall.
The vacant seat stands out there.

9:35, Immediately before screening.
The second floor is only 15 people.

Stage greeting
 1999/07/17, 11:45-11:53

11:45, Stage greeting by Director Isao Takahata

11:48, Scenerey of stage greeting

11:49, Hall which became full

11:50, A coverage staff

11:53, Taking a picture show
for coverage formations

After the first screen
 1999/07/17, 12:00-14:10

11:58, Scenery of lobby

11:58, Leaving spectators

12:00, Coveraging scenery

12:05, In front of doorway

12:10, Covered president Tokuma

14:10, Entrance.
The signboard means "Now you can sit".
The hit of the "The Princess Mononoke" was not reproduced.

July 17, 1999, "My Neighbors The Yamadas" was released in Japan. Marunouchi Piccadilly 1 is a movie theater located in Yurakucho Tokyo. Then, a stage greeting was done there on July 17. Director Takahata and three voice actors performed on the stage. In general, the movie theater with the stage greeting always becomes full. However, there are not become full. Other movie theaters which screens the "My Neighbors The Yamadas" did not have a lot of spectators either.

"My Neighbors The Yamadas" has been being paid to attention while it is being manufactured by many people. As for it, a new digital technology was used, pioneered a new route the movie distribute system in Japan. Still more, Disney invested in the movie, the business world of Japan also had interest in it.

The press conference for "My Neighbors The Yamadas" was held in July, 1998. More than 1300 coverage staffs participated in the press conference. When "My Neighbors The Yamadas" is completed, it needed the highest production cost and drawing in the animation movie which had been manufactured in Japan in the past. So press paid attention to the release of "My Neighbors The Yamadas". Therefore, a lot of coverage staffs visited the movie theater named Marunouchi Piccadilly 1.

However, spectators in the movie theater was few. The number of spectators was far less than the number which had been expected beforehand. Then, it was not reported so much in the newspaper the next day. Even the Houchi newspaper, which reports Ghibli in goodwill, The article about the first day of "My Neighbors The Yamadas" was small. The Houchi's article published the following finding, not "the first day" but "About the director of the next film by Studio Ghibli." The number of spectators of the "My Neighbors The Yamadas" was not reported after all.

"My Neighbors The Yamadas" is a wonderful film. The screen like the watercolor is Ghibli's pioneering try. The atmosphere described life at average home in Japan well. The haiku sometimes inserted the story was wonderful production. And, a lot of spectators burst out laughing many times by seeing the movie.

It seems that most spectators were satisfied with the movie. Therefore, the quality of "My Neighbors The Yamadas" received a high evaluation. However, "My Neighbors The Yamadas" was not able to acquire a lot of spectators. Only half spectators mobilized the second screening. The third screening was fewer and fewer. More, a local movie theater was more miserable. It is said that there was even a movie theater where the spectator hardly exists.

After the first screening ends, the stage greeting was done in Marunouchi Piccadilly 1, Yurakucho Tokyo. The hall of the stage greeting was full of an overcrowded spectator. However, the added spectator is to see the second times.

July 17 1999, when the first "My Neighbors The Yamadas" day was a halfway schedule. If the first day was July 10, the day was the holidays for elementary school , junior high school and high school. If the first day was July 24, whole school was a summer vacation. But there was a class at the schoo on July 17. Therefore, students were not able to see the movie. However, "Star Wars" and "Pocket Monster" who was the rival of the "My Neighbors The Yamadas", mobilized a lot of spectators.

Only the spectator of "My Neighbors The Yamadas" was few. President Tokuma said that "The film will acquire many repeaters. so the admission fee income will reach 6 billion yen." However, nobody believes in it.

Actually, the fate of the "My Neighbors The Yamadas" depends on the action of the repeater.

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