The First Day of "Princess Mononoke"

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"Princess Mononoke" was released. 02 Sep.1997 renew

"Princess Mononoke" is going to be released on July 12, 1997. Unfortunately, it is rain today.Supervisor Miyazaki is scheduled to perform in Nichigeki Plaza theater. Therefore, many persons made the procession in spite ot the early morning.The first spectator's procession was jaut afternoon 11 Jul.

Procession of sitting up
all night class

In front of the Nichigeki Plaza
theater Yurakucho,Tokyo at 5:30AM

Crowded lobby

Coverage scenery

Overcrowded in the pavilion

Greeting of supervisor Miyazaki

supervisor Miyazaki
He made a speech concerning the production of "The Princess Mononoke".

The announcer is introducing the appearance persons.
Matsuda Yoji, Ishida Yuriko, and Miyazaki-Hayao from the left

Here, the number of sheets of the cell picture used for "Princess Mononoke" was clarified.
It was reported 135,000 pieces beforehand. However, it has been understood that as many as
144,000 pieces are used in reality.


Applause of whole assembly

Crowded stall in the Hall

Crowded the entrance

Procession of entrance waiting

Procession of entrance waiting

Display of crowded sellout

Did the speech on this day succeed?

In "Princess Mononoke", there are at least two scenes to laugh at the spectator.

One is a scene for Ashitaka who is the hero to pass in the forest. Kodama is a spirits of the dead who lives in the forest. Kodama imitate the behavior of the hero. Their behavior is very lovely. We smile instinctively.

Another is a scene that dog's child requests permission to heroine San. Ashitaka rides on the lion named Yackle. The dog asked San whether Yackle can be eaten. The question was very unexpected. Therefore, we smile at the serif.

The preview association had been done as for "Princess Mononoke" before July 12. Those scenes laughed at the spectator. BTW, the preview association for the person related to the report was done. They also smiled in those scenes. That is, general spectators and the person related to the report smiled in the same scene. Perhaps, this smile seeing is the universal one.

Well, how in the theater of Yuurakucho by which supervisor Miyazaki had appeared?

The smile seeing was not able to be heard in the surprising theater at all.

Many sitting up all night classes made the procession in this theater. Screening on this day was advanced for as many as two hours. When screening started, grand applause filled in the pavilion. However, the smile seeing was not heard. Why?

The cause has been gradually understood. That is, the spectator was waiting for the appearance of Miyazaki-san. They were not able to concentrate on the movie. Because, Miyazaki-San appears when the movie ends. Therefore, the hall was restless. Even as for the scene at which they had to smile, they lost room at which they smiled.

The smile seeing was observed also in the same hall in the evening when Miyazaki-San did not appear. That is, if Miyazaki-San appears, spectators lose settling down. And, they forget to smile.

Most of the hall was full of the sitting up all night class. The purpose of the sitting up all night class was not a movie. Their purposes were to have observed Miyazaki-San. Therefore, no did matter of the movie for them.

Grand applause happened when the movie ended. However, the applause did not praise the movie. It was applause by which the appearance of Miyazaki-San was pressed.

When Miyazaki-San appeared, the applause of the maximum class was generated. And, the flash of an innumerable camera emitted light.

The supervisor made a speech by an indifferent tone. However, the content did not include a new content. There was no greeting only for the speech on this day.

I think that the stage greeting of Miyazaki-San was not succeeded.

The appearance of Miyazaki-San generated the phenomenon of the put the cart before t. First of all, we had to concentrate on the movie. Miyazaki-San expresses all in the movie. "The Princess Mononoke" is a completed work. The element with which Miyazaki-San should supplement does not have anything either. The nature was taken from us in Miyazaki-San too much. As for us, the movie might have lost sight of a correct appreciation method.

Most Miyazaki-San on this day was a show. The upsurge of the hall was irrelevant to feelings of Miyazaki-San.

We had to appreciate the movie in a first of all correct attitude. It is to concentrate and to see the movie. We occasionally lose sight of the scene at which we should smile.

Links (in Japanese)

Details of the first speech.(by Kozaki Kazutaka )

Details of the second speech.(by Noriyuki Arisaka)

The preview association of "Princess Mononoke" for the general public was started. 09 Jul.1997

The preview association association of "Princess Mononoke" for the general public was started in nationwide various places on June 20, 1997. (This photograph was taken of a picture on June 27 in front of the public hall of Chiyoda ward in Tokyo.)

The invitation guests who elected by the prize etc. of the magazine came. A long procession can have done for one hour or more about the hall. When screening started, the spectators ardently appreciated the movie.

The impression of the movie contained a lot of varieties, but a lot of persons were speaking very highly of wonderful of the movie. When the movie ended, the hall was filled with applause.

"Princess Mononoke" was opened to the public to journalists. 09 Jul.1997

The preview association which had invited the press and journalist on June 18 started by the distributing agency Toho. All volumes of "Princess Mononoke" were screened in the preview room of Toho. The preview room can be accommodated from about 150 to about 200 spectators. Seats became full and a supplementary chair was prepared. The preview was done for 3 times and was held for several days.

However, no one applauded though the movie ended. The reason that journalists are coming to the preview room on business, not to enjoy it. Therefore, they do not applaud even if impressed to see "Princess Mononoke". Other, the respect is declared to "Princess Mononoke" enough then.

BTW, It should be called "Japanese version of Nausicca". "Princess Mononoke" was able to be compared in a lot of points with "Naucicca".
The journalist of the Hohchi newspaper invited to this preview association wrote a good article the next day.

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