The First Day of "Spirited Away"

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Excuse: These English sentences are temporary translations, not read easily still very much. I want to revision them neatly some day. Thanks.

The"Spirited Away" was cut in 343 theaters in the whole country from July 20, 2001 and the seal was cut. In the Scala-za theater to which the Hayao Miyazaki supervisor's stage greeting was done, it began to be able to do rows more than about 10:30 the day before, and the Same-day purchase that was able to enter first time at the first day became about 22:00 in fact with selling all. It seems that the row keeps increasing afterwards, and the staying up all night class of 700 people or more went out finally. After the 2nd had been screened, only adjacent also with the going seat besides will being to be done was decided to greeted the stage.

On around July 19th 22:30 though the face was produced to the Toshio Suzuki producer before the Scala-za theater, it was surrounded at once by the fan and it existed in the signature attack. The procession who requested the signature extended two hours near, was never broken off, boiled from the entire staying up all night class on July 20th 0:20 when the last signature ended the storm of applause, and happened.

19 in July 21:49 Appearance before Scala-za theater

21:51 Procession of staying up all night class

23:53 Procession of staying up all night class
The Same-day purchase of the first time has already been sold all in fact, and the back becomes the second entrance.

23:24 Producer Suzuki who answers signature

23:35 Commemoration taking a picture after signature

23:55 The processions of signed the producer Suzuki signature waiting:50 always people or more.

AM commemoration taking a picture on July 20th 0:05

The signature during 0:24AM 2 hour ends, and the storm of applause.

The procession of about 4:30AM where the first train began to move had reached 700 people or more on July 20, 2001. As for 5:00AM, reporters arrived, the row was arranged at 5:00, and Same-day purchase was substituted. The overflowing procession continued to enter since the 2nd and turned to the procession of the Miyuki-za theater besides standing by. Moreover, it was decided to be screened in haste, and, in addition, was distributed the procession also in adjoining Hibiya Cinema. Entrance was already begun by 6:30AM in the Scala-za theater, and the procession at the time of this swelled up to 2000 people or more as a whole.

20 in July Staying up all night class that reaches edge of 4:53AM Nissei Theater (left)

This side of 5:11AM procession of the movement beginning:The garbage bag.

The class runs on that day of the tail of 5:52AM row.

The Kaonashi advertises it ..5:56AM.. slowly.

The processions at the time of of 6:23AM coverage scenery:2000 people or more as a whole.

The entrance of times of the 1st screening was begun by 6:30AM. The guest of so-called the standing seeing doesn't go out because all members adopted the sit-down and the complete replacement system this time. Still, the pamphlet counter was able to form a line the long line. Moreover, though it was possible to enter even if it doesn't stay up all night if the reservation vote of an advance date is bought beforehand, many actually stayed up all night to secure a good even a little seat. Therefore, the person who the sit-down until screening beginning time and took the catnap stood out, and the hall was encompassed for a while by silence.

6:33AM entrance beginning

Procession who requests 6:40AM pamphlet

6:49AM coverage scenery

Appearance in front of 7:21AM stall

Appearance in 7:42AM hall

Screening 8:20AM and an expected"Spirited Away" was begun. The whole assembly was encompassed, continued to applause, and the stage greeting by the Miyazaki supervisor, Mr. Rumi Hiiragi, and Mr. Takashi Naito was done with the screening end of 10:25AM. - This time, the pattern of the stage greeting is not taken of a picture because the photograph and the video shooting of the stage greeting were broadcast improperly. Please acknowledge it. (Though there was considerably a person who was actually taking a picture. )Taking a picture other than the stage greeting have taken the confirmation with acceptable. The arrival of the summer Kaonashi ..the Yu-Baaba and mandarin ducks.. appears when the stage greeting ends. Taking a picture for the mass communication was done adding the Miyazaki supervisor, Mr. Rumi Hiiragi, and Mr. Takashi Naito. This pattern was greatly reported by the news of the evening and next day's sport journal, etc.

10:42AM arrival has appeared.

The left of taking a picture for 10:45AM mass communication:Reporters.

It has applauded 10:49AM supervisor's leaving, and again about the whole assembly.

Appearance of 10:52AM lobby

Appearance in front of 10:54AM stall

It had been jammed with many people continuously after the spectator of the second times entered before the Scala-za theater. An additional screening comes not to break off the procession of the entrance waiting even if done, and for the stage greetings that are two schedules at first to be done five times of convenience in the Miyuki-za theater and Hibiya Cinema. It exactly became the first day of the exception. When 430,000 people or more were mobilized in the whole country only at the first day, it is good according to Toho in the distribution origin. It is said that the expectation will be sent to the update of the record of the Princess Mononoke that gives the mobilization of 14.2 million people and the box-office profit of 19.6 billion yen.

The appearance of the situation reporters before 11:00AM Scala-za theater also

Electric bulletin board that signals 11:08AM first day

In 11:10AM ticket counter

Procession before 11:16AM Miyuki-za theater

Procession of 11:25AM entrance waiting
(taking a picture: July 19, 2001 and the 20th)

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