Macintosh Cyrillic coding in Japanese Environment

In case of the Macintosh, it is quite simple to add Cyrillic handling capability.

There are several options.

Cyrillic Language Kit

Cyrillic Language Kit can be purchased at Macintosh Shop. The kit contains both fonts and keyboard.

When you have the Cyrillic Language Kit, you can view almost all Cyrillic code using Cyberdog browser.

KOI8 fonts

KOI8 font and keyboard resources are obtained from servers in Russia.

ER font for Windows

To view home pages written in Windows code, you can get series of Macintosh font designed for the purpose. It can be down loaded from here.


Recently Apple announced "Cyberdog" a multifunction brwoser.
Feature of the Cyberdog is realised only when you have implemented the Cyrillic Language Kit.
For display of different font such as Windows, Mac and KOI8 codings, the same Apple font is used. Switching of font coding from one to another is quite simple.
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