KOI8 code in Japanese Environment

In case of Windows95

In case of Windows95, there used to be a patch software that allows input of KOI8 by replacing Windows95 Input Method.
With rather simple steps, you can prepare KOI8 cyrillic text on the "Word". Its default was set to use Polish keyboard portion of the standard Windows Multilanguage function:keyboard.

However, with combination of Windows97 Input Method and Office97, it does not seem to work any more.

The issue should be studied futhere to find that the modification pach program has upgraded or not.

For list of fonts and keyboard, refer to Font and Keyboards by Andrew M. Drozd, University of Alabama.

In case of Macintosh

With the Macintosh, to view file is quite simple.

KOI8 font is provided with keyboard layout. So you can create KOI8 file with it.

For details, see Macintosh code

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