FoodToy:Yowei/Chocoegg/Capsule Toy:Animal/Real Figure Box
Japanese Flag FoodToy JAPAN Australian Flag FoodToy AUSTRALIA
Chocoegg Japanese Animals, Series 1:15kinds(/24kinds)
Chocoegg Japanese Animals, Series 2:12kinds(/24kinds)
Chocoegg Japanese Animals, Series 3:38kinds(/48kinds)
Chocoegg Japanese Animals, Series 4:24kinds(/24kinds)
Chocoegg Japanese Animals, Series 5:24kinds(/24kinds)
Chocoegg Funny Animals, Series 6:24kinds(/24kinds)
Chocoegg Funny Animals, Series 7:20kinds(/20kinds)
Choco Q Japanese Animals, Series 8:18kinds(/21kinds)
Choco Q Japanese Animals, Series 9:15kinds(/20kinds)
Choco Q Japanese Animals, Series 10:17kinds(/20kinds)
Choco Q Japanese Animals, Series 11:12kinds(/15kinds)
Chocoegg Pet, Series 1:18kinds(/35kinds)+SP1kind
Chocoegg Pet, Series 2:12kinds(/30kinds)
Choco Q Pet, Series 3:12kinds(/30kinds)+SP1kind
Choco Q Pet, Series 4:13kinds(/28kinds)
Choco Q Pet, Series 5:11kinds(/23kinds)+SP1kind
Yowei Series 1:30kinds(/50kinds)
Yowei Series 2:13kinds(/50kinds)
Yowei Series 3:28kinds(/50kinds)
Yowei Series 4:12kinds(/50kinds)

Yowei Adventure Series 1:3kinds(/6kinds)
Yowei Adventure Series 2:3kinds(/12kinds)

Yowei Lost Kingdoms A:2kinds(/50kinds)
Yowei Lost Kingdoms B:2kinds(/30kinds)
Yowei Lost Kingdoms C:2kinds(/30kinds)
Japanese Flag FoodToy (2)JAPAN Japanese Flag CapsuleToy JAPAN
Chocorasaurus Series 1:24kinds+SP1kind
Chocorasaurus Series 2:24kinds+SP1kind

Dinosaurus„Old Animal Series 1:3kind(/8kinds)
World Natural Animals:10kinds(/50kinds)
Insect Science:6kinds(/10kinds)
Creature of Waterside, Insect & Crustacea :2kinds(/6kinds)
Deep sea animals MIU Series 1:9kinds(/9kinds)
Deep sea animals MIU Series 2:9kinds(/9kinds)+SP1kind
Kurosio Komekko Series 1:12kinds(/12kinds)+SP1kind
Kurosio Komekko Series 2:12kinds(/12kinds)+SP1kind
Japanese Animals Collection Tohoku:2kinds(/11kinds)
Japanese Animals Collection 2 Okinawa:2kinds(/12kinds)
Earth life account of the trip:3kinds(/11kinds)
Dinosaurus Gallery:3kinds(/10kinds)
Ueno Zoo Real Figureaurus Gallery:5kinds(/7kinds)
Asahiyama Zoo pictorial book:3kinds(/5kinds)
Enoshima aquarium Animal pictorial book:16kinds(/16kinds)
Enoshima aquarium Animal pictorial book:13kinds(/13kinds)
Japanese Insect pictorial book1:11kinds(/11kinds)+SP1kind
Japanese Insect pictorial book2:11kinds(/11kinds)+SP1kind
Seawater fish pictorial book3:4kinds(/12kinds)
Mysterious Creature Encyclopedia:12kinds(/33kinds)
Nature Tecni-Colour:15kinds(/63kinds)
Ecological Modeling Catalogue:5kinds(/9kinds)
World tropical fish:6kinds(/10kinds)
Insect that a tree attracts:2kinds(/5kinds)
The insect which sticks Illustrated book:4kinds(/6kinds)
Capsule Collection Honeybee:5kinds(/5)
Japanese Flag Mook Magazine/Goods JAPAN
Japanese natural treasures:18kinds(/50kinds)
World Insect DATA BOOK:3kinds(/60kinds)
Real Figure Collection Box:7kinds(/14kinds)

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