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#Insects on Stamps (kind/region)1170kinds
#Insects on Stamps (country name order)150country,2076pieces
#Insects on Stamps (country position)150country,2076pieces
#Animals on Stamps (kind)1034kinds
#Animals on Stamps (country)84country,1318pieces
#Mollusk on Stamps (kind)120kinds
#Mollusk on Stamps (country)12country,117pieces
#Insects on Coins (kind)82kinds
#Insects on Coins (country name order)39country,105pieces


#Animals on Coins (kind)103kinds

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#Animals on Coins (country name order)33country,112pieces
#Insects/Animals on Elongated Coins (kind)37kinds

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#10.26To 'Insect Stamps of Bosnia and Herzegovina' (issued in 2014year) is Additionally Registrated.
#10.26To 'Ladybug Stamps of Gambia' (issued in 2014year) is Additionally Registrated.

#10.26To 'Ladybug', 2 kinds of Gambia is Additionally Registrated.

#10.26To 'Seven-spotted Ladybug', 3 kinds of Gambia is Additionally Registrated.

#10.19To 'Silk Moth', 6 kinds of Japanese postal marking is Additionally Registrated.

#10.12To 'Silk Moth', 8 kinds of Japanese scenic cancellation is Additionally Registrated.

#10.5To 'Silk Moth', 1 kind of Lebanon, 1 kind of Turkey is Additionally Registrated.

#10.5To 'Sun Spider', 1 kind of United Arab Emirates is Additionally Registrated.

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If you click the purple 'Insect Name' by mouse, its insect postage stamps will be showed.

I introduced and received this homepage "the insects on Stamps" with the following HomePage/magazines.
Sofmap"Degital Buyers"2004 Year,Sept.VOL.109 Maniac's Tale 7th"The charm of stamp collecting"
"National Diet Library Database Navigation Service:Dnavi" 2004Year, March "Easy retrieval:Insect Stamp"
Issued from Hokkaido Arbite Information Company: Hakodate Job Guide WEB page introduction corner 2002Year, 1st of September
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Directory Service of Lycos Japan, 2002Year May "Hobby,Sports> Hobby > Collection > Postage Stamps"
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"NIKKEI Click" 2001Year February No.96 Reader's Voice "Insects on Stamps"
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The foolish persons of stag beetles fan 1999Year Summer Search Europe Lucanus cervus 8th "Europe Lucanus cervus on Stamps"
"INTERNET Watch" Intensive plan at 1998/8/14 "The fascinational insect world"