SDR# setup + DDE install
SDR# 設定のポイント

● (No.927) SDR# setup + DDE install
            SDR# 設定のポイント         (2016年10月17日)

SDR# の最新Ver.1489 を使って、DDE_Tracker による周波数の完全追尾を試みて
みました。CubuBug-2(LO-74) の 437.445MHz と UWE-3 の 437.384MHz を良好に

Copy rtlsdr.dll, NDde.dll, SDRSharp.DDETracker.dll
  in to the same folder as SDR#.

Add a line to 
    <add key="RTL-SDR / USB" value="SDRSharp.RTLSDR.RtlSdrIO,SDRSharp.RTLSDR" />
    <add key="fftOffset" value="-50.0" />
    <add key="DDE Tracking Client" value="SDRSharp.DDETracker.DdeTrackingPlugin,SDRSharp.DDETracker" />

Edit in SDR#
  Select "RTL-SDR(USB)" in Source tab.
  Set RF Gain [19.7], Frequency correcetion ppm [-18] in "Configure Source".
  Set Bandwidth [16000], Order [200] in Radio tab.
  Off Squelch in Radio tab.
  Check "Correcr IQ" in Radio tab.
  Set "1kHz" Step Size of "Snap to Grid" in Radio tab.
  Set Shft value [2,256,000,000] Hz in Radio tab when 2.4GHz.
  Off "Filter Audio" in Audio tab.
  Off "Use AGC" in AGC tab.
  Check "Time Markers" in FFT Display tab.
  Set Speed in FFT Display tab.
  Check "Enable IF" in Zoom FFT tab.
  Off "Show on spectrum" in Band Plan tab.

DDE_Tracker startup procedure
  Orbitron run -> SDR# run and start -> "DDE Tracking Client" Options: Orbitron
    -> Press: Connect -> Orbitron "DDE" run -> SDR# automatic tracking frequency

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