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NOTES (English)

(1) ● indicates LP, indicates CD, "L" indicates Live-recorded materials.Please refer my Rules (but now written only in Japanese, sorry).

(2) ●2〜●14 are reissued LPs (contents of these LPs are songs recorded in 50's & 60's).These LPs are listed according to the order of release.

(3) I doubt the existences of five LPs (●25 ●26 ●48 ●49 ●50).

(4) List of singles "EDITIONS POPULAIRES-(2)" was made by refering to a catalogue of reissued singles (FIESTA/AFRICAN). But these datas do not coincident with the most detailddiscography of Franco made by Graeme Ewens. (There are many singles on same number!! It's a mystery.)

(5) There are so many compilations including songs of Franco. But most of them aren't listedon my discography because these compilations don't have any rare materials of Franco.

(6) I've maken clear most of the relations between first issued records and reissued records about every song of Franco.

(7) Most of all song-titles and lengths of recording-time are taken from original indications. But I think there are lots of miss-spelling about these things on sleeves or discs.

(8) On "song-list", asterisks (*) indicate possibilities that two or more songs having different titles are same song. (It's just a miss-spelling ?)

(9) "References"

(10) Newly added information or latest correction is indicated by "red letters".

NOTES (Japanese)

(1)( )内はSP、シングル、EPの番号を示す。●はLP、○はCD、続く数字は登録番号を示す。番号の後に”L”とあるものは、ライブ音源とされているものを示す。


(3)●25 ●26 ●48 ●49 ●50の5枚は資料によって記載されているものもあるが、はたして実際に存在するかどうか不明である。

(4)EDITIONS POPULAIRES-(2)のシングル盤リストは、FIESTA/AFRICAN再発盤とそのカタログに記載されていたもの(AFRICAN91.234写真を見て下さい)。しかし、この通りだとすると同番号で複数のシングルが出ていたことになる。実際にこれらのシングル盤がリリースされていたとしても、これらの番号で出ていたかどうか分からない。






(10) 最新の追加情報、および訂正事項は"赤文字"で記した。

(11) 将来的にはシングル盤、アルバムのジャケット写真なども紹介する予定です。

これは、どのディスコグラフィーからも漏れているシングルの1枚 (AFRICAN 91.234) です。


Special Thanks to:

Graeme Ewens : I was deeply inspired by the great book "Congo Colossus : The Life and Legacy of Franco & OK Jazz" written by Graeme Ewens, and quoted from this book. He let me know a wonderful world of Franco and congoloise music. I have a great desire to have a opportunity to contact with him for a long time, but it has not yet realized till today. 1999/10/10. ---- Suprisingly, reacently I've got an e-mail from him. 2001/02/18)

Stefan Werdekker : He is the great (perhaps the one of the best in the world) collector of records of Franco & TPOK Jazz. Reacently, he gave me additional information about recordings of Franco. I think his informaion is so useful for making this discography. Thank you. (2001/03/24)

Harada Takashi (EL SUR Records) : He's also a lover of music of Franco. He helped me to collecrt all of Franco's CDs.

I also thank to SATO Yuki, FUJIKAWA Takeshi, Jack Shoults.


LAST UPDATED : 2004/07/25