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I had several photographs sent from Ms. Mika who lives in Boston, MA USA. It seems that Mika and her husband love R1100R very much. It is the same also in Japan or the United States, isn't it? (Feb. 24, 2002)
Thank you so much, Mika & Mike!

Hi, sending you a few pictures of our R1100R.  My husband has been 
riding this since 1999. 14000 miles so far.  We currently moved to
Boston Massachussets from Manhattan New York.  We have been exploring
around New England ( Massachussets, New Hampshire, Vermont, Rhode
Island, and Connecticut ) almost every weekends except harsh cold 
winter.  We would like to cross America with this one day.
  R1100R is the best !!

Mika & Mike Lemire
Boston, MA USA

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