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When I visited Nozawa hot spring before for skiing, I did not go to outer baths. Therefore, I had expected visiting outer baths. Nozawa's outer baths may be not drop in hot springs. However, since it is a wonderful place, I will introduce.

There are 13 outer baths in Nozawa hot spring. There are managed in the system "Yunkama" (hot spring association) which is residents' autonomous organization from Edo period.

The people who can use a outer bath are limited. Only residents, relatives, and the visitors of the hotel in Nozawa hot spring can use. The charge of outer baths is no charge.

There is a small new household altar in each outer baths. The 3 Healing Buddhas were deified to Ohyu in 1996. The 12 god's generals relating with the Healing Buddha were deified by remaining 12 outer baths in 1998. Since a offertory box is in each outer bath, you can express the gratitude to the hot spring by the money offering.


Business hours It is from 6:00 to 22:00 about.
You cannot use at midnight.
Closure day Having no holiday
Charge No charge (make a money offering)

Visit Day: 1998 November

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Oh-yu is the symbol of the Nozawa hot spring outer baths. Locally, it is also called "So-yu". There are 2 bathtabs which are hot and more tepid, and the water is smooth. There is not so much Yunohana. Since it is in the center of the town, it is very crowded. The fountainhead is 66 degrees.

Kawarayu is near from Ohyu and is under a hill. There is a bathtab made from a stone, and although the building has the shape of a traditional bathhouse, it is brand-new. The character of hot water is the almost same touch as Ohyu. The fountainheads are 60 centigrades.

Asagama-no-yu is located in a line with Kuahuse Nozawa. Hot water is introduced from Okama. Hot water is pleasant although a building is a little old. The color of hot water is thin and white Yunohana is dancing in hot water.


Okama will be the center in Nozawaonsen. They are the "Kama"(Pots) of a hot spring, and there is the temperature 90 centigrades or more, and it is the famous place in Nozawa hot spring. The kind of pots has the large pot, the boiling pot, the round pot, the banboo extend pot, and the lower pot. It is chosen which is used for the purpose.
It was snowing on the day which we visited. Steam is going up near Okama thickly. The big pot was covered with boards. The nature of the water of a hot spring is a weak alkalinity sulfur spring. 500 liters/m of hot water are springing.

By the boiling pot, the local lady had boiled Nozawna (a kind of vegetables). She sinks tied Nozawana into hot water with a stick, and boils it.

Many souvenir shops are near Okama and the visitors of a hot spring were doing some shopping by having yukata on.

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