Miette hot spring ****

A hidden hot spring in Canadian Rocky


The water of Miette Hot Spring is the highest (54 degrees) among the four hot spring in Canadian Rocky. Pcohontas was prosperous in the mine a long time ago. (The name was named Pcohontas after the town of mine in Virginia.) This hot spring is developed by miners. It is in the place to go 20Km toward west from the town of Pcohontas west.

According to our guide book, the road from Pcohontas was constructed in 1910, the shack for hot spirng was built in 1913, the first pool is built in 1919.


We remembered that charge is very low. (about two cans of juice?)


There is the pool of hot spring. The depth in the center of the pool is about 1m40 cm. The water temperature is a little hotter than Upper Hot Springs in Banff. The water is clear and no smell. Because it was a warm day, we felt good to enjoy the cool breeze. There are many young people.

A mountain trail comes out from behind the hot spring. This is Sulfur Skyline which is trekking road for the sightseeing. You can look over Rocky Mountains when you arrives at the summit of Sulfur Skyline. There is the big valley of the virgin forest. We think it is best to take a bath of Mette Hot Spring after mountain climging.

Visit day : September, 1995


It takes about one hour to reach Miette Hot Spring by car from Jasper which is the 2nd tourist resort in Canadian Rocky.

You go for north from Jasper by Route 16 (Yellowhead Highway) and turn right at the town of Pcohontas. You go to Miette Hot Spring Road (about 20km) . You will reach Miette Hot Spring.

Here is local English home- page.

Jasper national park

Jasper national park is very large area at the east of the Canadian Rocky Mountains. There are many mountain trail. Many people enjoy their out door life by their trailer house.

We walked trail from Miette Hot Spring for the beginner to watch the wonderful view of Japser National Park.

Snow accumulated thinly on the mountain trail though it was still September. When we turned on the corner of the mountain trail, the parent and child of the deer (White Tailed Deer) was walking freely.

We climbed about the hight of 700m / 4km from Miette Hot Spring and arrived at the top. The highest point of Sulfur Skyline Trail is Sulfur Skyline Summit.

Here is a wonderful observatory in Jasper national park. You can look over east side of the Rocky Mountains. We made coffee and ate the sandwich bought in the town of Jasper.

We can see Fiddle River.

There was the road sign ofr warningn of bear in the park.
As The bear is likely to hunt for camper's leftover, The pamplet of National Park shows "Please do not throw away the trash.

The group of Bighorn Sheep in the national route. We saw elk and moose.

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