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A 2.5m dia. FRP Dome is set up on the roof of my house. The dome is air conditioned throughout summer and rainy season (June to September).

31cm (12 inches) Newtonian reflector, fl=1525mm, F=5. The parabolic mirror was made by I. Tasaka. The equatorial mount has been designed and machined by S. Murasita of Uji-Tentai-Seiki (Uji=name of place near Kyoto, Tentai=Astronomy, Seiki=Precision Instrument). The guide telescope is a 6cm achromatic refractor loaded with ST-4, which is worked at fl=840mm or 1680mm (depending on sky condition).
Spectra-Source HPC-1 (air cooled). CCD chip: TC-215, 1k x 1k pixels, 12mm x 12mm in size, 16 bits.
SBIG ST-6: my previous camera, transferred to another person at present.
SBIG ST-5 (for planets). CCD chip: TC-255, 320x240, 3.2mm x 2.4mm in size, 14 bits.
SBIG ST-4: my first camera, used as auto guider to date. This is one of the first lots in Japan.

IBM PC/AT convertible, DX2-66MHz with 16 MB RAM, 200 MB disk, 9 inch monitor and MO(Magneto-Optical) disk system.
This is Tokyo. The light pollution is always terrible. But on a nice blue sky day, you can see Mount-Fuji in west.

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Kunihiko OKANO

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