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I am one of the many amateur astronomers in Japan. Although my observatory is located in the urban area of Tokyo, the magnificent dynamic range of a 16bits CCD camera and the new image processing technology have allowed me to shoot these marvelous deep sky images! I would like to present a selection of my most spectacular images. Most of these pictures are published in various Japanese astronomy magazines; Tenmon-Guide, Gekkan-Tenmon, SkyWatcher and Interactive Astronomy. These works were mainly done with my 31cm (12 inches) Newtonian and HPC-1 CCD camera of Spectra-Source (TC-215 CCD chip; 1k x 1k pixels), SBIG ST-7E, ST-6 and ST-5 (for the planets).

What's new? (Astronomy)
23 May, 2006



Images of the MARS in 2003
Images taken at New Zealand in August 2001
 Images taken at Austraria in February 2002


What are LRGB and Digital development?

My new CCD mobile imager and its images
Compact CCD system based on Celestron C5
CCD mobile system based on C8+AO-7+ST-7E


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