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Well come to my gallery. I am one of the many amateur astrophographers in Japan. Although my observatory is located in the urban area of Tokyo, the magnificent dynamic range of a 16bits CCD camera and the new image processing technology have allowed me to shoot the deep sky images. Since 1990, most of these pictures are published in various astronomy magazines. These works were mainly done with my 31cm (12 inches) Newtonian on my house.
Nowadays, times have changed, and it is now possible to take pictures with telescopes overseas by remote control. In 2023, I started remote astro-photography, so I decided to completely revise this page and mainly introduce images taken remotely.
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New images(Feb. 20, 2024)

Homunculus Nebula & the Eta Carinae, my 3rd try.

Deep Sky Objects
Taken by remotely controlling telescopes in Australia, etc., since 2023)

Images taken in Tokyo previously

Images of the MARS in 2003 (taken in Tokyo)
Image of MARS in 2005 (taken in Tokyo)

Example DSO images taken previously in Tokyo

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