Spiritual living, our soul, life beyond death

The existence of the life beyond death has not been scientifically established. But there are scientists who are quite close to prove that.
You might be able to have OOBE (Out Of Body Experience) if you go to the Monroe Institute of Applied Sciences in Virginia. You might not be familiar with the word OOBE. The experience of this kind was traditionally called astral projection. But scientists use the word "OOBE" in these days, because the phrase "astral projection" easily reminds us an occultism.
You'll probably be able to contact with dead people by electric equipments in very near future. ITC is the shorten word for the instrumental transcommunication with the other world. This research has been remarkably progressed after the death of several scientists in this study. They could successfully contact with reseachers in the earth from the other world by various electric equipments! Actually, this research became a joint research of this world and the other world since then. Oh, can't you believe this story? Yes, it's a normal reaction. But I'm sure the more you know about ITC, the more you believe them!
Here are several books which I can surely recommend for you.

Journeys Out of the Body Doubleday & Company, Inc Robert A. Monroe
Far Journeys Doubleday & Company, Inc Robert A. Monroe
Many Lives, Many Masters Simon & Schuster Brian L. Weiss, M.D.
Children Who Remember Previous Life The University Press of Virginia Ian Stevenson
Conversations BEYOND THE LIGHT Griffin Publishing / Continueing Life Research Dr. Pat Kubis & Mark Macy
After We Die, What Then? Metascience Corporation, Publications Division George W. Meek
The Road to Immortality London: Psychic Press Gibbes, E.B. and Geraldine Cummins
Encyclopædia of Psychic Science University Books Inc. Nandor Fodor
30 Years Among the Dead Newcastle Publishing Company, Inc. Carl A. Wickland, M.D.
You Cannot Die New York: Methuen Ian Currie

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