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I like the fractal structure. It's
very convenient or essential for
drawing natural figures like plants
or lives, or landscapes. We can
draw them by very simple and short
scripts of the fractal expression.

Mr. Lj Lapre's l-system
is one of
softwares which are specialized for
the fractal expression. We can get
the POV-Ray's beautiful and
marverous scene files from them.
But this time, I tried to draw the
fractal figure directly by POV-Ray.
We can draw fractal figure easily
adding at the root of the figure,
or making the figure in the figure
by POV-Ray generally.
I show one typical but my original
example "trees" near the last of
this page.
But I enjoyed another way to the
purpose. I add at the top of the
figure. I made 4 works and show
I show all scene files of them in
this page as the text files. You can
get the scene file clicking the
file name and pasting the text in
a scene file.

    I have a impossible desire that I draw all hair's line in a oil painting. The stream line of hair is so beautifl and charmful for me. But the desire will be granted by POV-Ray.

    Scene file : lpcohair.txt ( Paste this file's text in a new scene file. )

Hair as streaming / 52k / June 1998 / by Tsutomu Higo

    Mr. Sylow wrote that he used '2 spheres and 1 box' for drawing a leaf in his original include file for drawing grass. For my scene, I used '2 spheres and 2 boxes' for drawing a leaf. I'm satisfied that the left image looks natural.

    Scene file : lpcoplnt.txt ( Paste this file's text in a new scene file. )

Leaves for healing / 64k / June 1998 / by Tsutomu Higo

    If the wire were more entangled, the image must be that of my brain. Or you feel the desire for unraveling the tangle when you see this image?

    Scene file : lpcowire.txt ( Paste this file's text in a new scene file. )

Wire being entangled / 60k / June 1998 / by Tsutomu Higo

    This is a bad image. Nevertheless I charmed with this in the unconscious mind somehow. I think that the legend of Medusa expresses the human dark side like this.

    Scene file : lpcomeds.txt ( Paste this file's text in a new scene file. )

Hair being Medusa / 52k / June 1998 / by Tsutomu Higo

    You can see somewhere the 'fractal tree' like this. So general this fractal figure is! I made originally this scene file. You can modify many points. I drew these 3 trees on different angle of branching.
    I drew the white sphere in the sky by customized 'Star' from by Mr. Chris Colefax. So I erased from the scene file.

    Scene file : lpcotree.txt ( Paste this file's text in a new scene file. )

White trees being fractal / 74k / June 1998 / by Tsutomu Higo

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