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Good evening. This is Studio aHOYO.

We, the Okamotos [Yoshiko (Oneh-san) and Hiromi (aHO) Okamoto], call our small musical space at home "Studio aHOYO", which is devoted mainly for the early European music of the medieval to the early baroque (17C) era.

For more than one and a half years we have stopped updating. We have intended to refresh our pages greatly at one time, but failed because so busy. Now we have decided to update our pages gradually. To begin with, we upload
a diary of making a clavichord (sorry, sentences only in Japanese, but many JPEG photographs of the instrument under construction).

About Studio aHOYO
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"Let's support Anthonello" page (sorry, now only in Japanese)
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Early Italian baroque music recommendation page
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updated 96.9.16
early Italian scores, contents pages of original scores
Early music links
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