Hananoego Moor, Yamato-sugi Cedar


(5)Hananoego Moor

Hananoego Moor is a marshland in above sea level about 1600m. The marshland exists generally in the sub frigid zone provinces. Hananoego Moor corresponds to the marshland in Siberia and Alaska. Yakushima island is located in the subtropics provinces. However, region of altitude more than 1600m is a climate of the sub frigid zone.

(6)Yamato-sugi Cedar

Yamato-sugi is comparatively tall. A lot of leaves grow thick in the upper part.
As for "Yakusugi" of fine quality, many were deforested by about the 18th century for materials for construction. So "Yakusugi" does not remain too much a lot. If we visit Yakushima island ancient times, we might have been able to see a lot of "Yakusugi".

About "Yakusugi"
Name Altitude(m) Surroundings
of trunk(m)
Height of
Jomon-sugi Cedar 1300 16.4 25.3 2000`7200
Meoto-sugi Cedar 1230 10.9 22.9 2000
Daio-sugi Cedar 1190 11.1 24.7 3000
Wilson's Stump 1030 13.8 @ 3000
Yamato-sugi Cedar 1260 10.2 34.9 3000`4000

Vertical distribution of plants of Yakushima island


The sub frigid zone
Mt.Miyanoura Limit of forest
Limit of "Yakusugi" broad leaved tree and conifer mixed forest


woods of mixture
(Woods of "Yakusugi")
Hananoego Moor Distribution zone of "Yakusugi"

Jomon-sugi Cedar
Woods of mixture of the temperate zone
(Woods of "Yakusugi")

Laurel forest


Woods of broad leaved tree(Laurel forest)

Woods of broad leaved tree all years green(Laurel forest)
Woods in the subtropics
Woods in the subtropics

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