Scenery of the Yakushima island

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Laurel forest of the Yakushima island is one of the stage of "The Princess Mononoke". It has a lot of laurel forest and "Yakusugi"Japan cedar. In 1993, Yakushima's forests are registered in the world inheritance agreement of UNESCO.

Yakushima island is located from Tokyo to about 1,000km southwest. It is length of the island of about 130km in surroundings, but there are a lot of mountains near by the altitude 2000 meters in the island. The vicinity of the coast of Yakushima island is a climate of the subtropics. However, the vicinity of the top of the mountain is a climate of the sub frigid zone. In the hillside, a lot of aged Japan cedar trees named "Yakusugi" exists very much.

Here, sceneries of Yakushima island are introduce.

Position of the Yakushima island

*These photographs in this corner had the offer from Mr.Uenaka Kei. He belongs to mountaineerring club of Seijo University.
These photographs were taken of a picture when his club had visited Yakushima island last summer.

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