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Lain Iwakura. She is fourteen years old.
She loads her NAVI, which is a kinds of Personal Computer to connect WIRED, after a long time. Then it receive Mail from her friend. However, she have committed suicide. The mail says "I only get away from my body. I'm now living. I can prove to you my existing."


Club House "Cyberia".
That is a chaotic space where is full of sounds, lights, selfish persons. That is a mysterious space where another Lain appears. She have a same face, but her character and action are just opposite.


Lain receives a mysterious gift.
That is a wonderful device which makes any NAVI's ability rise up . It is called "PSYCHE" processor.


Since Lain got "PSYCHE", she wholeheartedly try to rise up her NAVI's ability. WIRED and real world begin to mix out of her room.


"Realize a prediction."
The repeatedly mysterious messages put Miyuki into a corner.


Children look up sky on the street like praying. Then, a giant silhouette appears from clouds.


About family, about herself, a mysterious man asks severely Lain Iwakura. "Who are you, Lain?"


A rumor about Alice's secret is spoken in the WIRED.
Other rumor says " Lain peeps Alice's private, and she speak it in the WIRED". Both rumors break down Lain.


"This is the end"
The end time of a family for Lain is coming soon.


Someone goes away from Lain, someone goes to Lain.
Everyone talk to lain about "LOVE".


Lain is connecting to the wired by her body over her capacity. By blank eyes, tired Lain looks anything.....


Words of Lain make Eiri begin breaking down, and Alice only be crying.


Daily roads, daily trains, dairy school----There are everyone's daily life, however without Lain.

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