Deep Space Stroller

    Don't you think a starry sky is somewhat nice? Though I've got this age, I feel my heart leaping for joy when I met star dusts of the whole sky while traveling.
    But we can only count some stars in Tokyo's sky which is too bright. Where had the innumerable stars in the whole sky that we saw at the childhood gone?

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Nebula and Clusters without a telescope

    Do you know what's the biggest object in the night sky? There are tens of objects those apparent size are bigger than the moon. Exactly to say they are aggregates of stars or gas and dust.




Starry sky and constellations

    If you have a compact digital camera and some tools, you can take photos of starry sky with a little patience. Though it is impossible to get rid of influence of city lights completely. Yet there are stars those are not visible with the naked eye on the CCD. I envy you who lives in a suburbs with a clear sky.


Take a moonface with digital camera

    When I was at a primary school, I had seen a moonface first time through a 1.6 inch telescope.
    Now I have a Nikon digital camera Coolpix5700 and a telephoto converter( total f = 476mm over ), so who says I can't take a photo of moonface.




Leonids; Meteor Showers 2001

    I wonder what that commotion in 1999 was at all. It is surprising that the big meteor showers should fall on Japan, after three years already went away since the comet Tempel-Tuttle passed the perihelion.
    A forecast said 8,000 pieces in an hour will be expected. In fact this seems to pull the maximum instantaneous wind speed for every five minutes to per hour though.
    It is better to go to the bank of Tama-river and try to take photographs.


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