Starry sky and constellations

       If you have a compact digital camera and some tools, you can take photos of starry sky with a little patience. Though it is impossible to get rid of influence of city lights completely. Yet there are stars those are not visible with the naked eyes on the CCD. I envy you who lives in a suburbs with a clear sky.

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    The typical winter constellation which everyone knows. The middle star of the sword of Orion is M42 Great orion nebula.

Location: From the veranda of the apartment house where I live in Tokyo.
Date: December 24th '2003 01:57- JST
Camera:NIKON e5700  f62mm  F4   Sensitivity:ISO400
Exposure: 4X120seconds   NR:on   Data format:RAW
WB:AWB   Filtration:LPS-P1
Portable Equatorial: Vixen GP guidepack

    Arranged with StellaImage4 & Photoshop 7.0

The Plough (Great Bear)

It is even difficult to find 7 stars of the plough with naked eyes here in Tokyo.

Location: At a bank of Tama-River, Tokyo
Date: March 30th '2003   03:02 JST
Camera:NIKON e5700   f35mm   F2.8
Sensitivity:ISO200   Exposure:97seconds   NR:on
Data format:RAW   WB:AWB
Portable Equatorial:Vixen GP guidepack

    Arranged with Photoshop 6.0

The Plough

Photo by INO, Shohta with NIKON Coolpix5700.

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