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In this section, the tunes which were composed by Automated Composing System users are presented. Some tunes are arranged by the user.
Rein Allikas
Mr.Rein Allikas from Estonia sent me two files by the Automated Composing System.
ReN1_29  Download
ReN3_29  Download
Jacques Chevalier
Mr.Jacques Chevalier from France sent me two files. These midi files were began with autocomp and finished by him.
With You  Download
As Bold As Love Download
Mr.Vasiliou from New Jersey sent to me files. 
Some of them are composed by using the Automated Composing System. 
(Kitaro is one of famous Japanese musician.)
Kitaro Download
Puccini  Download
Gypsy Kings #2 Download
Contemplation#3 Download
Harry BrownRigg
Mr.Harry BrownRigg sent to me files. 
These were composed by the Automated Composing System and edited by him.
Song0  Download
Song1  Download
Song2  Download
Song3 Download His own composition
Song4 Download His own composition
Song5 (Andes) Download
Song6 (Groovy) Download
Song7 (Walkin)  Download
Song8  Download
Song9  Download
 Mr. yuusuke from Japan sent these tunes.
Italia  Download
Akuma no Tril Download
Saisyu Keitai Download
Mudai 1  Download
Mudai 2  Download
Mudai 3 Download
Mr kurayan from Japan sent these tunes.
kurayan's blue Download
Sorry, no English translation is available...
ichioku no hoshi? Download
unbabo Download
poka poka youki Download