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Since I often receive questions about how to create the automated composing system, I've decided to make some pages that explain how. I have written some series entitled "Automated Composing Laboratory" in the DTM Magazine some years ago, but I thought it was not good to disclose the same contents that has been used in the magazine through Internet, so I have avoided mentioning that sort of contents. However, I have come to a conclusion that now is the good timing to write about it on the Internet, because some years have passed since the series finished, back number of DTM magazines are not available, and I still recieve some questions about the series. Moreover, I think that the content would be considerably different, since quite a few years have passed from the last time. In this section, I will talk about music software in general, but mainly about the automated composing system.
Developing MIDI-Related Application
Developing WAV-Related Application
Developing Visualizer