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Development tools are being introduced in this page.
About Development Tool
There are some choices in the tool when you engage in software development. If you develop in Windows, VC++, VB, C#, C++Builder can be considered. In addition, if you develop music software in general, MAX/MSP can be the option.
The decision would depend on the skill of the person and what you want to develop, but if you are to develop real software, your choice would be VC++. VB enables you to develop a little software at once since the language itself is easy, but VB has some problems. Firstly, the biggest problem is that accuracy of timer is bad in VB 6.0. This is quite fatal in music software. Multimedia timer could be used in .NET, but I think it cannot be used in VB 6.0. The second reason is its portability. Porting VC++ into Linux and Macintosh is quite easy, and actually, the function of "Automated composing system" is transplanted from VC++ to Linux and Macintosh, and it is possible to operate it. VB cannot be transplanted since it is only usable in Windows. For the same reason, I think C# is not a good choice.
As regards to Builder, I haven't used it much, but it is a product equal with VC++, so it would be a good choice. However, you will find less books or online information than VC++.
There are pros and cons of using MAX/MSP since this is a special tool, but I think it is good for creating prototypes and algorithm. MAX/MSP is usable both on Windows and Macintosh.
For your information, if you want to create by using C++ in Macintosh, the development tool would be XCODE.
Use VC++ for development tool.