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Software for MIDI is being introduced in this page.
MIDI Playback Engine
It is necessary to arrange sound processing in the way of MIDI playback engine apart from SMF processing engine. Though this part is dependent on OS, transplanting between OS is time consuming.
Moreover, the playback is different at the editing of SMF, and the real time processing is valued. In Windows, the function to sound by MIDI can be divided into 2 categories.
One method is to use api that starts with mci such as mciSendCommand. This method enables you to playback entire SMF very easily but is not able to perform detailed processing such as to sound specified note at the arbitrary timing. It is good at rough function such as playback the file entirely.
Another method is to use api that starts with Midi such as MidiOutShortMsg. Though this method enables you to perform detailed processing, you will have to make whole program if you want to playback SMF entirely. If you are to create the real music application, this will be your chouice.
Use "MidiOutShortMsg" not "mciSendComman".