Animal Stamp od Thailand

Thailand is located in central part of Indochina, and is the country which avoided colonial rule of the European Great Powers alone in a Southeastern Asian area. In the monarchy nation which the sovereign gives the king to, it pass through Sukhothai dynasty of the thirteenth century, Ayutthaya dynasty of the 14th century, and Chakri is founded in 1782, and it is it formally with the constitutional monarchys in 1932 and reaches it at the present. The name of a country won, and it was Siam (SIAM), but it was checked in Thailand which meant "a free country" in Thai in 1949. This name shows that Thailand kept independence while Southeast Asian coutries become a colony of the European Great Powers.
Eight kinds of stamps on which drew a rare fish made specially in Southeast Asia were issued by Thailand in 1968.
Furthermore, four kinds of stamps on which it drew a bird were issued in 1976.

1967.2.1 Bird Stamp
1968.6.1 Fish Stamp
Snakeskin Gourami
Trichogaster pectoralis
Red-tailed Black Shark
Epalzeorhynchos bicolor
Great Indian Masheer
Tortambroides duronesis
Chao Phraya Catfish
Pangasius sanitwongsei
Asian Bumblebee Catfish
Leiocassis siamensis
Queen of Siam Mangrove Goby
Mugilogobius rambaiae
Giant Barb
Catlocarpio siamensis
Clown Knifefish
Notopterus chitala

1976.4.2 Bird Stamp
Common Goldenback
Dinopium javanense
Green-billed Malkoha
Phaenicophaeus tristis
Large Scimitar Babbler
Pomatorhinus hypoleucos
Common Green Magpie
Cissa chinensis

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