Animal Stamp of Ecuador

Ecuador is located in the north of Peru and the west of Colombia, and the Galapagos Islands where famous Darwin by the theory of evolution has sailed also belongs to Ecuador.
Four kinds of animals and its discoverers stamps were issued from Ecuador in 1965.
Six kinds of animal stamps living in om this Galapagos Islands were issued from Ecuador in 1992.

Republic of Ecuador
1965.5.11(20c,30c,40c)/1965.7.8(80c) Animal Stamp
Seven-banded armadillo &
James Elliot
Dasypus septemcinctus
Red Squirrel &
T. Edward McCuly Jr.
Sciurus vulgaris
Marsh Deer &
Roger Youderian
Blastocerus dichotomus
Linnaeus's Two-toed Sloth &
Peter Fleming
Choloepus didactylus

1992.4.10 Galapagos Islands Wild Life Stamp
Galapagos Giant Tortoise
Geochelone nigra
Galapagos Penguin
Spheniscus mendiculus
Swallow-tailed Gull
Creaguus furatus

Galapagos Great Frigatebird
Frigate minor ridgwayi
Galapagos Sea Lion
Zalophus californianus wollebacki
Galapagos Land Iguana
Conolophus subcristatus

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