Animal Stamp of Mauritania

Mauritania has about 3 times Japanese countries, but a ratio of a cultivated area area to occupy most to a land area in the Sahara Desert is 1%. Indigenous people Berber of North Africa began nomadism at the time in the tenth century, and an advance of a European got into full swing after the 17th century, and a French protectorate was settled in 1903. I became a self-government country in French Community in 1958 and became independent in 1960. But there was it in a military administration bottom until 90's since a coup d'etat occurred in 1978. A presidential election by political pluralism is performed in 1992, and democratization is firmly established.
Stamp which drew Reptiles was issued from this Mauritania in 1969. Five animal stamp was issued in 1977. Six animal stamp was issued in 1978.

Islamic Republic of Mauritania
1969.5.5 Reptiles Stamp
Grey Monitor
Varanus griseus
African Horned Viper
Aspis cerastes
Black-neck Spitting Cobra
Naja nigricollis
African Rock Python
Python sebae
Nile Crocodile
Crocodylus niloticus

1977.3.14 Animal Stamp
Yarkand Hare
Lepus yarkandensis
Golden Jackal
Canis aureus
Phacochoerus africanus
Panthera leo
African Elephant
Loxodonta africana

1978.2.28 Animal Stamp
Sable Antelope
Hippotragus niger
Thomson's Gazelle
Gazella thomsonii
African Manatee
Trichechus senegalensis
Barbary Sheep
Ammotragus lervia
African Elephant
Loxodonta africana
Struthio camelus

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