Animal Stamp of Mali

Mali is a landlocked country of African Continent Nishibe having areas more than Japanese 3 times. Mali empire prospered after the eleventh century and did going Islam, but it could write it in 1870 from 1590, and it was ruled in Morocco, and it was it with a French colony from 18 end of the century. It became a republic in French Community in 1958 and formed Mali federation with Senegal in 1959 and it canceled a federation with Senegal at the same time to achieve independence in 1960 and was born nationally alone. But a coup d'etat occurred and lasted for 1968 years than 20 years, and military administration continued. Lieutenant Colonel toe Rais who held real power in coup d'etat in 1991 decided the legalization of political party organization, and election by political pluralism was carried out in the next year, and the kona Rais President was born, and the military administration that it had a long came to an end.
Four kinds of birds stamps were issued in 1965 by the Republic of Mali.
A splendid stamp of the intaglio print on which drew the fish of the African special product for 1975 years and 1976 years was issued by five kinds of each. A color was bright and became the one of the favorites.

Republic of Mali
1965.2.15 Bird Stamp
Green Turaco
Tauraco persa
Abyssinian Ground-hornbill
Bucorvus abyssinicus
Egyptian Vulture
Neophron percnopterus
Goliath Heron
Ardea goliath

1975.5.12 Fish Stamp
Fahaka Pufferfish
Tetraodon fahaka
Electric Catfish
Malapterurus electricus
Citharinus latus
Tiger Fish
Hydrocynus forskalii
Nile Perch
Lates niloticus

1976.6.28 Fish Stamp
African Arowana
Heterotis niloticus
Mochokid Fish
Synodontis budgetti
African Giant Catfish
Heterobranchus bidorsalis
Nile Tilapia
Tilapia monodi
True Big-scale Tetra
Alestes macrolepidotus

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