Branch-boring Beetle

Iran 1964
Wood-boring Beetle
Scolytus scolytus
Angola 1983Burkina Faso 1992Tanzania 1987
Branch-boring Beetle
Stephanoderes hampei
Lesser Grain-Boring Beetle
Rhizopertha dominica
Greater Grain-boring Beetle
Xyleborus xyleborus

If a house is built, 3-5mm small insect is escaping from a pillar or a ceiling, and an 1-2mm escape hole may be accepted after the marks. Moreover, if the bark of a withering-to-death tree or falled down tree is stripped by I of a wood, the remains of a vermin damage of many plastic patterns are accepted in the bottom of a bark, and there may be a boring hole toward a wood part. These things seem to be the vermin damages or a boring hole by Branch-boring Beetle in many cases.
A standing tree fails to wither and the damage of Branch-boring Beetle is raised as a propagation person of a disease germ besides deterioration of the quality of the material by the boring into wood etc. It is known that it will be shown clearly that illness of an elm which did large damage in Western countries has spread the disease germ by Branch-boring Beetle, and shrinking illness of a Japanese oak and Japanese oaks and pine bacillus which changes blue, and other needle-leaf tree bacillus which changes blue will also be distributed by Branch-boring Beetle.
Of course, it suffers in the kind of trees, such as a Japan cedar, a cypress, and a pine, there are many trees of the damage by Branch-boring Beetle, and damage also from the kind of main trees in our country, and damage is received regardless of timber from Southeast Asia material, U.S. material, and northern-sea material also in import material.

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