Leaf Weevil

France 1982Madagascar 1966
Hazel Leaf Rolling Weevil
Apoderus coryli
Red-and-black Giraffe Beetle
Trachelophorus giraffa
Turkey 1982Hungary 1954Madagascar 1994MontSerrat 1992
Pear Leaf Weevil
Rhynohites auratus
Apple Leaf Weevil
Rhynchites bacchus
Asparagus Beetle
Crioceris asparaqi
Cigaretto Leaf Rolling Weevil
Byctiscus betulae

The some friends of Leaf Weevil folds up a leaf small, wraps an egg, and makes the so-called "cradle." From an inner side, a larva eats a cradle, and grows and become a pupa.
On the other hand, the some friend of Leaf Weevil lay eggs to a branch and fruits directly. If eggs are laid in young fruits, such as an apple and a pear, the fruits will be cut off from a handle. A larva eats and grows and become a pupa flesh in the ground.

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