Animal Stamp of India

Indus Civilization prospered before A.D., and we had Buddhism and Hinduism, the rise and fall of the dynasty mainly on the Islam in India afterwards. With the East India Company establishment by the U.K. of 1600, it was done colonization by the U.K. After World War I, as for the thing of Gandhi guidance, it develops independence movement. Pakistan gained the only independence that it divided in 1947. After the independece, a socialism policy inside the country and nonalignment by the diplomacy was pushed forward.
Geological survey 100 years memorial stamp one kind on which it drew the ancestral Stegodon orientalis of the elephant which was older than a mammoth was published from this India in 1951.
The stamp on which it drew the animal which inhabited India as a collection of the first wild animals and a collection of the second in 1962 and 1963 was published.

1951.1.13 Geological Survey Centenary Memorial Stamp
Ganesa Elephant
Stegodon ganesa

1962.10.1 Wild Animal 1st Normal Stamp
Indian Rhinoceros
Rhinoceros unicornis

1963.10.7 Wild Animal 2nd Normal Stamp
Lesser Panda
Ailurus fulgens
Asiatic Elephant
Elephas maximus
Panthera tigris
Bos gaurus
Panthera leo

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