Animal Stamp of Laos

Laos has about the same area as to Japanese Honshuan and is a socialist state in a Southeastern Asian only landlocked country. The first united national orchid sun kingdom is formed in the 14th century. French rule was strengthened, and it was admitted into French Indochina in 1899 after it was divided in the 18th century, and Thailand was governed. It passed through Japanese occupation and became independent after World War II partially as Laos kingdom in 1949 and got French approval in 1953 and completely became independent. It began a civil war and abolished monarchy in 1975 and shifted to the socialism system and became the Lao People's Democratic Republic afterwards.
Four kinds of fish stamps were issued in 1967 by this Laos. Five kinds of animal stamps which drew mainly a monkey were issued in 1993 by this Laos.
The stamp on which drew five kinds of ancient birds were issued in 1994. Four kinds of stamps which drew a catfish were issued in 2013.

Laos People's Democratic Republic
1967.6.8 Fish Stamp
Snakehead Fish
Ophicephalus micropltes
Mekong Giant Catfish
Pangasianodon gigas
Spiny Eel
Mastacembelus armatus
Bronze Featherback Knifefish
Notopterus notopterus

1993.3.13 Animal Stamp
Common Tree Shrew
Tupaia glis
Philippine Colugo
Cynocephalus volans
Slender Loris
Loris grasilis
Spectral Tarsier
Tarsius spectrum
Symphalangus syndactylus

1994.1.20 Ancient Bird Stamp
Raphus cucullatus
Giant Moa
Dinornis maximus

2013.7.8 Catfish Stamps
Schilbid Catfish
Clupisoma sinense
Bagrid Catfish
Hemibagrus filamentus
Freshwater Catfish
Wallago attu
Giant Devil Catfish
Bagarius yarrelli

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