Animal Stamp of Cuba

Cuba is a socialist state comprising islands more than 1500 around Caribbean Sea's greatest island Cuba Island. Columbus arrived in 1492 and passed through Spanish rule to last for about 400 years after 1511 and became independent in 1902. It is made to accept the intervention in domestic affairs right and a military base tenure by U.S.A. where It buy sugar cane from the latter half in the 19th century and went into, and it is put in an American protection bottom virtually. Success of Cuban Revolution by Castro who stood up for overthrow of rule by U.S.A. is 1959. It access the Soviet Union in basics as a socialist state in anti-U.S.A., and, since the Chairperson national council assumption of office of 1976, Castro is grasp in real power of a party / the armed forces / administration. It came to accept an investment of a foreign firm positively in after 1993 while 1990's began and took Soviet Union collapse and did isolation and strengthened China and relations.
Seven kinds of fish stamp were published from this Cuba in 1971 year. Five kinds of extinct birds stamp were published in 1974. Four kinds of deep-sea fish stamp were published in 1998. Four kinds of stamps which it drew an animal and plant made specially in Cuba on were issued in 2003.

Republic of Cuba
1971.10.30 Fishing at Sea Stamp
Albula vulpes
Seriola species
Largemouth Bass
Micropterus salmoides
Coryphaene hippurus
Atlantic Tarpon
Megalops atlanticus
Acanthocybium solandri
Atlantic Blue Marlin
Makaira ampla

1974.8.28 Extinct Bird Stamp
Raphus cucullatus
Cuban Red Macaw
Ara cubensis
Passenger Pigeon
Ectopistes migratorius
Giant Moa
Dinornis maximus
Great Auk
Pinguinus impennis

1998.5.22 Exposition Mundial Lisbon Fish Stamp
Pelican Eel
Eurypharynx pelecanoides
Common European Skate
Raja batis
Caulophryne caulophryne
Sloane's Viperfish
Chauliodus sloani

2003.5.15 Animal & Fauna Stamp
Cuban Gar
Atractosteus tristoechus
Stripe-headed Tanager
Spindalis zena pretrei
Cuban Solenodon
Solenodon cubanus
Bee Hummingbird
Mellisuga helenae

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