Animal Stamp of Dominican Republic

In Hispaniola Island that floats in the Caribbean Sea, The Dominican Republic and Haiti of French-speaking world are sharing. A country size of the Dominican Republic is half degree of Hokkaido. Columbus visited a shore in 1492 year, and became to Spain territory, after 1795 became French territory , in 1844 became independent after process occupied by neighboring country Haiti since 1822 from orchids territory. But it was merged with Spain again in 1861 year and achieved independence in 1865.
Five kinds of stamps describing the fish were issued from this Dominican Republic in 1976.

Dominican Republic
1976.1.23 Fish Stamp
Sergeant Major
Abudefduf marginatus
Puddingwife Wrasse
Halichoeres radiatus

Bermudian Squirrelfish
Holocentrus ascensionis
Queen Angelfish
Holacanthus ciliaris
Red Snapper
Lutianus aya

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