Animal Stamp of Central Africa

Central African Republic was in a French follower in 19 end of the century, and it was admitted into French Equatorial Africa in 1910 and achieved independence in 1960. A Bokassa military commander raised coup d'etat in 1965 and it took office as Bokassa gore territory in 1966 and strengthened autocracy. It changed name in the name of a country with the Central African Empire in 1976 and introduced myself as the emperor in oneself. President first generation Dacko got French support in 1979 and raised bloodless coup detat and returned to the President and returned it to republican form of government. A military coup broke out in 1981 and entered a military administration bottom again. It transferred in a civil administration in 1986, and election was performed under plural political parties in 1993, and President Patasse was born.
Four kinds of fish stamps were issued in 1995 by the small landlocked country located in the African center called this Central African Republic. There are a color and a face value difference by the same design and is two kinds for the kind of the design.
Six kinds of creature stamps of the sea were issued twice in 2001. The small seat of four kinds of fish stamps was issued in 2012. The small seat of four kinds of prehistoriques fish stamps was issued in 2014.

Republic of Central Africa
1995.6.22 Fish Stamp
Auchenoglanis Sea Catfish
Auchenoglanis sp.
Aluminum Catfish
Chrysichthys sp.

2001 Marine Life Stamp
Fire Salamander
Salamandra salamandra
Banded Panchax
Epiplatys annulatus
Red zebra
Pseudotropheus zebra
African Manatee
Trichechus senegalensis
African Helmeted Turtle
Pelomedusa subrufa
African Knifefish
Xenomystus nigri

2001 Marine Life Stamp
Striped Eel Catfish
Plotosus lineatus
Slender Lungfish
Protopterus dolloi
Calamoichthys calabaricus
Electric Catfish
Malapterurus electricus
Mediterranean Painted Frog
Discoglossus pictus
Dugong dugong

2012.4.25 Fish Stamps
True Big-scale Tetra
Redbelly Tilapia
African Airbreathing Catfish
Heterobranchus longifilis
Smallmouth Electric Catfish
Malapterurus microstoma

2014.5.20 Prehistoriques Fish Stamps
Xenacanthus sp.
Orthacanthus sp.
Acanthodes sp.

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