Animal Stamp of Hungary

An Asian Magyar built a Hungary kingdom in the end of the 9th century. The 16th century begins and is governed by Ottoman Turkey, and a follower of the Austria House of Hapsburg will receive it after the 18th century. It formed the House of Hapsburg and Austria-Hungary empire in 1867 and achieved virtual independence. However, an empire collapsed after World War I, and it was occupied with World War II by the Soviet Union and became a socialist state as a people's republic in 1949. Hungarian uprising occurred in 1956, and the Soviet Union intervened militarily. A rapid progress reformist held an experiment in 1989 after 30 years, and communism collapsed and was rebeared in Europe model social democracy, and the name of a country became the Republic of Hungary.
Hungary had issued a lot of stamps once with Poland of the old Communist block, Czechoslovakia, Rumania, etc. The stamp describing the design of a certain theme especially called so-called topical, such as an animal, pictures, and a vehicle, was simultaneously issued by the set many kinds. I introduce ten kinds of fish stamps issued in 1997 and four kinds of fish stamp sets issued in 1962.

Republic of Hungary
1962.5.5 Fish Stamp
Green Swordtail
Xiphophorus hellerii
Paradise Fish
Macropodus opercularis
Wild Guppy
Poecilia reticulatus
Siamese Fighting Fish
Betta splendens
Tiger Barb
Puntius tetrazona
Marble Angelfish
Pterophyllum scalare
Black Belt Sunfish
Mesogonistius chaetodon
Lyretail Panchax
Aphyosemion australe
Neon Tetra
Paracheirodon innesi
Symphysodon aequifasciata

1997.6.6 Fish Stamp
Snakehead Fish
Cymnocephalus schraetzer
European Bullhead
Cottus gobio
Alburnoides bipunctatus
Spined Loach
Cobitis taenia

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