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MURASE, Yoichi

E-mail: muraseyo (at) gmail.com

   About the Large Earthquake on March 11, 2011

   About NECO data

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I will be in Korea and Taiwan in 2008

Study Areas: Social Stratification, Social Resources, Political Sociology, Quantitative Social Survey.

Hobbies: Ski, Swimming, Driving, Playing Computer Games, Drinking!! etc.


My Profile

Japanese, Male
Year of birth: 1968

Ph.D. of Behavioral Science (Tohoku University in Japan, 1999)
Associate Professor of Behavioral Science, School of Sociology, Rikkyo University

My Research Projects

The International Surveys on Relational Resource and Social Consciousness. (2002-2008).
   About NECO data

The Surveys on Pro-Environmental behavior (in Nagoya, Sendai Mianamata, Kamaishi: 2004-2007).
   About Working Group on Life & Environment

The 3 Areas Surveys of Japan (in Tokyo, Sendai City, Senpoku County: 1997-1999).
The 1995 SSM Survey (The National Survey of Social Stratification and Social Mobility in Japan).
The Surveys about Consciousness of Education and Society of High School Students and Their Parents in Sendai Area, Japan (1994,1999).
The Survey of Citizens of Sendai about Voting Behavior (1994).
The Survey of Citizens of Sendai about Life & Environment (1993).

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