Piotr Tchaikovsky: Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom op.41
CD No.(P)
Lysy rps yp~~p x|pps op.41
Music:Piotr Tchaikovsky
11.A|ps|ru~~ pr y Lord, have mercy3:02
22.P| urps p~y~pGlory be to the Father3:36
33.P| }p|ps rtpO come, let us worship4:39
44.P| u~y p|pAlleluia0:38
55.P| u~y urp~su|yGlory be to Thee3:19
66.Vury}{p ~The Cherubic Hymn8:58
77.P| ury}{z ~yLord, have mercy1:19
88.Ry}r| rThe Creed3:40
99.P| y}r|p rThe mercy of peace3:37
1010.Sr r~ y (Tebe pojem)We sing to Thee4:08
1111.Ixt~ urz y ~It is meet4:41
1212.I tpwtq ~p} uty~}y y Amen, and with thy spirit1:16
1313.I|yrp st~The Lord's Prayer3:32
1414.Pyp~z yO praise the Lord2:23
1515.R p} qwyy} y Blessed be He4:56

:The USSR Ministry of Culture Chamber Choir
w:Valery Polyansky

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