NR 241-CD Choral Tapestries
Music:Williametta Spencer
11.In the Dark Wood
22.Winds of May
33.Bright Cap and Streamers
4My Comfort by Day, My Song in the Night
Music:Anthony Iannaccone
5A Whitman Madrigal
Music:Anthony Iannaccone
6The Sky Is Low, the Clouds Are Mean
Music:Anthony Iannaccone
7Christmas at the Cloisters
Music:John Corigliano
A Ring of Emeralds
Music:Leslie Bassett
92.Madrial 1
114.The Blackbird's Song
125.Madrigal 2
13There is no rose of such virtue
Music:Williametta Spencer
Chautauqua Psalms
Music:Anthony Iannaccone
141.God Be Merciful
152.Why Standest Thou Afar Off, O Lord?
163.Not Unto Us, O Lord
Nativity Madrigals
Music:Daniel Pinkham
171.Guardian Owl
182.Get Up! Said Mary
193.What Did the Babu Give the Kings?
204.How They Brought the Good News by Sea
4 Madrigals to Poems of James Joyce
Music:Williametta Spencer
221.O Cool is the Valley
232.Lean Out of the Window, Goldenhair
243.Rain Has Fallen
254.Who Goes Amid the Green Wood?

合唱:The Emily Lowe Singers
指揮:Emily Lowe
ピアノ:Joseph Gurt([4][5])
ピアノ:Kurt Amolsch([7]-[12][17]-[21])

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