The Unicorn, the Gorgon and the Manticore
CD No.購入番号(P)
NPD 85621CA9151997
The Unicorn, the Gorgon and the Manticore
Music:Gian Carlo Menotti
11.Introduction: There once lived1:02
22.Interlude I1:48
33.First Madrigal: Ev'ry Sunday1:54
44.Interlude II1:31
55.Second Madrigal: One Sunday2:19
66.Introduction & Third Madrigal2:58
77.Fourth Madrigal: Why are you sad2:55
88.Interlued III1:25
99.Fifth Madrigal: Behold the Gorgon1:25
1010.Sixth Madrigal: And what is that3:14
1111.Seventh Madrigal: Why are you sad3:18
1212.Interlude IV3:05
1313.Eighth Madrigal: Do not Caress1:38
1414.Ninth Madrigal: And who is that
1515.Interlude V0:58
1616.Tenth Madrigal: Why are you sad2:42
1717.Interlude VI1:20
1818.Eleventh Madrigal: Have you0:55
1919.The March to the Castle2:23
2020.Twelfth Madrigal: Oh foolish4:02
Parson Weems & the Cherry Tree
Music:Virgil Thomson
211.The Parson writes his book1:24
222.The Parson instructs George1:46
233.The Hatchet0:49
244.The Pitcher & the Bucket1:19
255.Rum is a Demon2:30
266.Martha's secret love1:13
277.Molly whips the Army0:58
288.Crossing the Delaware2:30
299.Hard Times4:09
3010.On th Glory1:40
3111.Cavalry Maneuvers1:19
3212.Chopping the tree2:41

合唱:Boston Cecilia Chorus([1]-[20])
指揮:Donald Teeters
Chamber Ensemble:Boston Cecilia Chamber Ensemble

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