Copenhagen, Denmark

8.226062 Bo Holten: Venus' Wheel
8.226051 Hymn to the Sun
8.224701 Niels Otto Raasted: Works for a Cappella Choir
8.224700 Ib Nørholm: Choral Works
8.224214 Bo Holten: The Marriage of Heaven and Hell
8.224168 Ib Nørholm: Americana
8.224152 Bernhard Lewkovitch: Apollo's Art
8.224115 Per Nørgård: Singe die Gärten - Works for Choir
8.224108 Svend S. Schultz: Yndigy dufter Danmark
8.224058 Rued Langgaard: Rose Garden Songs
8.224056 Pelle Gudmundsen-Holmgreen: Music for Voices and Instruments
6.220597 a bridge of dreams
DCCD9204 Vagn Holmboe: Works for a cappella choir
DCCD9108 Jørgen Jersild: Vocal & Instrumental Works