Benjamin Britten: The Choral Works
Choral Dances from 'Gloriana'
Music:Benjamin Britten
11.The Masque begins0:51
22.First Dance: Time1:43
33.Second Dance: Concord2:39
44.Third Dance: Time and Concord1:48
55.Fourth Dance: Country and Girls1:14
66.Fifth Dance: Rustics and Fishermen1:19
77.Sixth Dance: Final Dance of Homage2:16
5 Flower songs op.47
Music:Benjamin Britten
81.To daffodile1:50
92.The succession of the four sweet months2:06
103.Marsh flowers1:57
114.The evening primrose2:44
125.Ballad of green broom1:52
13Hymn to St. Cecilia op.27
Music:Benjamin Britten
A Boy Was Born op.3
Music:Benjamin Britten
141.Theme:A Boy was Born2:20
152.Variation 1 Lullay, Jesu4:24
163.Variation 2 Herod2:14
174.Variation 3 Jesu, as Thou Art our Saviour2:51
185.Variation 4 The Three Kings3:29
196.Variation 5 In The Bleak Mid-Winter5:08
207.Variation 6 Noël!9:09

合唱:The Sixteen
指揮:Harry Christophers
ハープ:Helen Tunstall([1]-[7])

今度はブリテンの合唱全集だ。個人的には Sixteen より Finzi Singers の方が好きなんだけど、中古で1枚1000円だからね。(2000-6-13)

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