The Earth and I New American Choral Music
CDTROY 1454CA11742013
The Earth and I
Music:Lori Laitman
1 1.The Sun went Down2:10
2 2.The Sky is Low2:43
3 3.The Wind3:03
4 October
Music:Patricia Plude
Nature Song I
Music:Stephen Chatman
5 1.Autumn Violets2:21
6 2.The Voice of the Rain4:05
7 3.On the Beach at Night Alone3:30
Frogs より
Music:Norman Dinerstein
8 1.An Old Silent Pond2:54
9 To be sung on the water op.42-2
Music:Samuel Barber
10 Heaven-haven (A nun takes the veil)
Music:Samuel Barber
Five Centuries of Spring op.24 より
Music:Kirke Mechem
11 4.Loveliest of Trees2:40
Spherical Madrigals より
Music:Ross Lee Finney
12 6.See how the arched earth3:19
4 Pastorales op.68
Music:Ross Lee Finney
13 1.No Mark3:43
14 2.Noon3:55
15 3.Basket3:15
16 4.Wood4:07
Nocturnes (3 Motets) より
Music:Morten Lauridsen
17 3.Sure on this shining night5:01
The Eye Begins to See
Music:Donald McCullough
18 1.In a dark time5:06
19 2.A steady storm of correspondences6:01

合唱:Washington Master Choral
指揮:Thomas Colohan
ピアノ:Mark Vogel([4][7][17]-[19])
オーボエ:Noelle Drewes([13]-[16])
チェロ:Kacy Clopton([18][19])

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