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Cacti are called "Shaboten" in Japan for a long time and I named our site "Shabomaniac". I like to sow seeds, to grow up many kinds of cacti in our greenhouse.
For example, I cultivate Sclerocactus,Pediocactus-I like especially 'difficult species' like Sclero&Pedio- Echinocereus, Escobaria, Ariocarpus, Mamillaria, Turubinicarpus from northAmerica. Among south Amricans I like Copiapoa ,Eriosyce, Tephro,Gymnocalycium etc. Furthermore I like massive caudiciform succulent, Cycad, and beautiful leaves of Haworthia. On the other hand I love to visit their habitats, mainly western desert of USA where Sclero&Pedio grows. I will regularly update photo and information, habitat and in our greenhouse. And we will report on Japanese Cactus & Succulent infomation. I would like to exchange information regarding plants mentioned above. If you are interested in them, please email me

I would like to exchange information, about Habitat, NewPlants., Source of Seeds and Plants, and so on.
Please contact me by e-mail (you can find address at low left on this page)

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Ariocarpus fissuratus in habitat (Lajitas,TX, USA)

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@Pedio&Sclero in bloom! many pictures.

@Very rare! Welwitschia mirabilis with " 3 leaves"