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When you started this game, you are at the Castle. In the Castle, there are tavern, inn, trading post, and so on. Your purpose is to find out the lost Amulet somewhere in the Maze. First, you have to make a party to start adventure. tap Old Geese' Tavern.

After enter the tavern, select Add a Character to Party. Of course, you can't join up to the party if nobody is in the tavern.

When started the game first, there are 6 characters in the tavern. Now, let's join up them to the party. You can add 6 characters to one party.

After join up, you should check there status. On the middle area, you can find items character has. "E" means character equiped the item. Swords and Armors didn't affect until they aren't equiped. If the items didn't equipped, now you shoud equip them. Another words will be found out in the playing manual. At this time, you don't care.

パーティの6人は最初からアイテムを所持しています。もしアイテムを持っていなければ、マーフィ商店で購入する事が出来ます。冒険に出る前に必要な装備を購入しておきましょう。武器はLONG SWORDやMORNING STAR、鎧はCHAIN MAIL、HELM、LARGE SHIELDなどを購入しておくのがお勧めです。僧侶や盗賊、魔術師などは重い鎧や盾、兜を使う事が出来ません。
First 6 members already have items. If character doesn't have items, you can buy at Murphy's Trading Post. You should buy weapons and armors you need before you start adventure. We recommend LONG SWORD or MORNING STAR for weapon, CHAIN MAIL, HELM and LARGE SHIELD for armor, now these are best for you.NOTE Priests, Thieves and Wizards can't equip heavy armor, shield or helmet.

After acomplished equipments, let's start adventure! Tap Edge of Town at Castle, and Enter the Dungeon.

Afrer enter the dungeon, party will make a Camp. In the camp, all party members are safe. You can make a camp anytime you walk down the maze. To make the camp, tap status window(lower of screen). Also check the line of party. Fighters should be at foward, Wizards should be the behind.

You can check character's status in the camp. You can cast the spell in the camp, too. If Hit Points(HP,Hits) go down, you should recover using HEAL spell. To switch a character's status view, flick the upper window. You can do this at inn or trading post, too.
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